4 thoughts on “Happy Mardi Gras

  1. Wow. This is all new to me. Foil? King cake? Grammatically correct French Creole?

    I wouldn’t know. I’m Swiss. In Basel, they may be strait-laced Swiss to the core, but the cut loose for three days a year. And, being in-your-face Protestants (at least in the sixteenth century), the tradition is to party wildly starting the Sunday night AFTER Ash Wednesday, complete with ditties insulting that Roman religion and celebrations of the local peculiarities. The wine is better. The signature soup is infamous. Sigh.

    Thank you, MeowlAndCat, for educating me …

    • You have to admit the “s” in “bons temps” is danging off the edge!!! Amazed and pleased you noticed! Didn’t think anyone would!

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