14 thoughts on “Owl and Cat Are Back!

  1. Welcome Back, Owl and Cat!
    Although I’ll need an illustrated Program to remind myself which cat is regular Cat and which is each of the other cats (Tilapia doesn’t look much like a fish), I’ll be glad to re-acquaint myself with the crew. Cat really took me by surprise today by being “in the picture” the whole time, when the gang appeared to think Cat was sitting right next to me, watching.
    And Owl is right … I won’t notice cat hairs in the cake if there’s enough wasabi in the icing. Brilliant idea for the next time I’m baking! Thanks, guys.

  2. I Love Cat, Owl & Bird : ) Chirp
    So Super Cute!!!
    Bienvenido’s To All the Cat & Owl
    Liz in Mississippi
    P.S. ? Not add a dog friend ‘

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