9 thoughts on “Tulip Bulbs

  1. this has me broken up laughing!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!! i haven’t laughed so much on so many levels in a very long time!!!!

  2. Ah! Mr. Nabbers has arrived! Of course when Nabbers talks to his Aunt Bertha (the crazy red squirrel in the attic of the Towne Library) he may learn that Owls and Cats are both apex predators, who sometimes enjoy a bite of Squirrel Tartare… :-0

  3. Cat, I fear your woodstove will not draw properly. Your chimney needs to be 2 feet higher than the peak of your roof (unless your chimney is more than 10 feet away from the peak – which I don’t think yours is). But you can change that in your next plan – the one with the extra rooms.

  4. Somebody in NYC is laughing right at his desk upon seeing the Masked Squirrel Bandit pop up! I wonder if the plague of bulb-digging squirrels is worse here, where one is lucky to have 12 inches of soil amid the concrete, than it is in Catville. The critters certainly do seem desperate … or is it zealous? Mischievous? Anyway, there’s a knowing laugh here. Or is it a rueful one? or … well, nevermind.

  5. Verrrry CleverTulip Planting Hut! The squirrels inTexas can only dreammmm of such delicious treasures as tulip bulbs.
    Love Cat’s creativity…every furry feline should be so furrtunate!

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